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Children learning

Your child will learn and grow with use of the Harcourt Reading program, which is implemented in many schools throughout the Tel Paso Independent School District. This program focuses on math, language, phonics, reading and science, with an occasional emphasis on history. Children will also learn through discovery, experimentation, observing, and playtime.

Take advantage of our after school program field trips. Contact us to inquire about our future outings.

Healthy meals and snacks are imperative for your child's growth and development. All hot meals are served with balanced portions of proteins, vegetables, starches, and fruits. Please contact us regarding food allergies so that we can make appropriate changes for your child.

Hot meals and snacks included

Does your child require transportation to a school located in the West Independent School District? Your child will always have a method of transportation thanks to our friendly staff. Transportation is available for children who attend our facility full-time and part-time.

Transportation is available

With help from the Harcourt Reading program, your child will learn through a bilingual approach. This allows for an early, valuable start with a secondary language.

Enrich your child's life with bilingual education

Effective learning techniques for preschoolers

Children and teacher